Who we are

Neuro Health Brain Training Center is a social platform for parenthood that Specialist Doctor Kerem Dündar set up under Neuro Health in the framework of his experience counseling of thousands of cases, developments in medicine, complementary medicine, modern science, and technology, and covering new generation teaching, brain development in children, and personal development.

In our platform specialist doctors, clinical psychologists, teachers, academics and experts from various disciplines contribute to the implementation and continuation of our projects.

Neuro Health Brain Training Center works with individuals, educational institutions, and private companies to create parent supporting content, and develops projects in these areas.

If you are interested in becoming a supporter of our platform or developing a collaborative project, please study the graphic below and fill in the form in the link.

Our Model

The Creative Parent aims present to you new generation parenthood models accompanied with successful examples in the framework of experience, professionalism, and science.

In 2018, we, the clinical workers considered the experiences we obtained here, the data we collected from dozens of counselees, the trainings we provided, and all our gains, and a while later we started asking ourselves: “How can we transfer these experiences of ours to more people? How can we reach out to the people who cannot reach out to us? How can we get people to perform parenthood in a more creative fashion?”

The answer we found was The Creative Parent, which is quickly growing and developing in the hands of a team who is eagerly working to transfer its accumulation to larger masses.


Our Method

On this platform, we discuss issues related to child development, problems that children encounter frequently, problems that parents face most often, practical solutions suitable for the new century and for everyday use, and everything in parenthood that changes and does not change, and we also transfer our accumulation through writing.

What is more, we post innovative and creative content on social media on a weekly basis, we design open or closed training sessions, and using digital means we bring together parents with the experts who have been working and researching in this area.

Our Aim

We support parents who develop themselves for raising children who are ready for the future.

We know that in the transforming world, the needs of our children also change, and we are aware that the models implemented by the generation who parented us cannot directly be transferred to new generations. Hence, we do not believe that parental codes that once existed can meet the dynamics of the present day.

Through creative solutions, we support the positions you could assume in this transformation as adults who are preparing human beings for the future, and we discuss relevant methodologies. This is because your children will need a creative parent both for the communication you establish with them and for the problems they will experience in their environment. Through this, we provide support so that you can reach a point where you can design the parental model best suited for you.